Government policies at the federal and state level meaningfully change the potential economic growth rate of the nation and individual states – for better and for worse. Our proprietary databases and models provide detailed measures of the effectiveness of policies at all levels of government. We leverage this unique information base to provide clients with a deeper understanding of the current economic environment and its implications for business and government decision makers.

Our analyses proceed from the insight that unexpected changes in the state and national economy create unnecessary risks and lost opportunities. Leveraging our detailed understanding of national economic trends, relative state competitiveness, and current state budget outlooks, our Economic Reports provide perspective to clients regarding possible future outlooks. Our Economic Reports provide:

– Our short-term and long-term economic outlooks
– The positive and negative trends clients should be following to ensure that they are appropriately managing threats and opportunities created by the broader economic environment.

Tailored State Economic Reports can provide crucial insights for specific client needs including:

– State budget health, including trends for state expenditures and state revenues
– The health of client chosen industries, including trends for future costs and revenues
– Consumer trends.