State economic policies impact the incentives to work, save, and invest. A detailed understanding of these incentives helps businesses form optimal strategies, and helps state policy leaders implement effective policy reforms.

Accurately assessing the economic environments across states can be complex, and errors can be costly given divergent state and local economic policies, state and local specific cost structures, unique state and local infrastructure issues, and the interplay between state and federal economic and tax policies.

Relying on our proprietary models and databases, the State Competitiveness Report analyzes economic environments accurately capturing the complexity across states, and within a specific state.

Our Competitiveness Reports examine issues relevant to specific industries, activities, and locations and directly addresses the needs of business and policy leaders. The Competitiveness Reports:

– Properly measure the impacts of state policy
– Provide the after-tax incentive rates by activity and state
– Compare the alternative returns and market incentives across states
– Anticipate changes that may occur to state economic and budget policies.

The returns for some industries will vary significantly from the average. To address these needs, we also provide Tailored State Competitiveness Reports that leverage industry- and even company- specific data to create focused state-by-state impact analyses.