Public policy professionals, businesses, and policy makers must plan beyond the one-year time horizon of a state budget period. The disconnect between the 1-year budget horizon and the longer-term planning horizon creates threats that need to be managed, and potential opportunities that ought to be seized. The State Budget & Policy Report provides this service by connecting the short-term and long-term budget outlooks.

Leveraging Donna Arduin’s years of experience managing the budgets of some of the largest states in the country, the State Budget & Policy Report evaluates each state’s:

– Budget system
– Budget process
– Revenue stability
– Expenditure stability
– Structural balance
– Short-term issues and needs, and
– Long-term issues and needs.

The budget reports also leverage our proprietary action-oriented political assessment databases that evaluate the actual political trade-offs and priorities reflected in the past actions of current political leaders.

Additionally, Tailored State Budget & Policy Reports are available to clients that have specific budget intelligence needs.