Custom Reports


We provide economic studies and policy advice to governors, legislators, think tanks, and corporate clients across the nation on public policy, regulatory, and tax issues, and create proprietary models to improve corporate clients’ business models.

In response to the policy environment, our clients often require analyses that directly evaluate specific opportunities or threats.

Potential opportunities include:

  • determining an ideal location for business expansion;
  • providing relevant state and local decision-makers with reports in support of potential projects; and
  • estimating the impact of changes in the policy environment.

Potential threats often analyzed include the impacts of tax changes, regulatory changes, and competitive industry changes.

Clients also rely on our custom market studies to provide them with objective evaluations of future market and industry growth potentials.

All of our Custom Reports utilize our proprietary models and databases. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to create a bespoke product that helps them reach their goals and objectives.

State economic policies impact the incentives to work, save, and invest. A detailed understanding of these incentives helps businesses form optimal strategies, and helps state policy leaders implement effective policy reforms. Read More »

Public policy professionals, businesses, and policy makers must plan beyond the one-year time horizon of a state budget period. The disconnect between the 1-year budget horizon and the longer-term planning horizon creates threats that need to be managed, and potential opportunities that ought to be seized. The State Budget & Policy Report provides this service by connecting the short-term and long-term budget outlooks. Read More »

Government policies at the federal and state level meaningfully change the potential economic growth rate of the nation and individual states – for better and for worse. Our proprietary databases and models provide detailed measures of the effectiveness of policies at all levels of government. We leverage this unique information base to provide clients with a deeper understanding of the current economic environment and its implications for business and government decision makers. Read More »