Donna Arduin is one of the nation’s most successful veterans of state budget management and tax reform, and, as Budget Director, led toward responsibility the budgets of Michigan, under Governor Engler; New York, under Governor Pataki; Florida, under Governor Bush; and California, under Governor Schwarzenegger. She established a reputation for bringing government spending under control through long-term policy planning and fiscally conservative budgeting; her Governors have consistently received high marks on the Cato Institute’s fiscal report cards during her tenure with their administrations.

She recently consulted for Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Florida Governor Rick Scott and California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman.

Ms. Arduin is further noted for creating the nation’s first interactive “e-budget,” implementing performance-based budgeting, simplifying property taxes and reducing the size of state governments.

A graduate of Duke University, Ms. Arduin graduated magna cum laude with honors in economics and public policy. Prior to her career in the public sector, she worked as an analyst in New York and Tokyo in the private financial markets for Morgan Stanley and Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan.